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Disinfecting & Cleaning Services 

  • Thermal Fogging Application 

  • Wiping high-touch Areas

  • Access Point Disinfecting

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to reduce or halt operations and conform with social distancing and cleaning protocols.  We have remained fully operational to assist our clients with any requests during this difficult time for additional enhanced cleaning of their business.

We use proprietary solutions that are derived at a botanical level, eliminating ammonia, chlorines or other harmful chemicals.

DIN-registered and approved by Health Canada for effective cleaning solutions.  Our product offers significant advantages over existing products currently on the market because they are hospital grade and provide superior cleaning and disinfection. 

We do not warrant our products or services to eliminate or kill the COVID-19 virus, rather to provide an added layer of protection and enhanced cleaning and disinfect to regularly maintained areas. 

Escalator Handrail Sanitization

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